Dr. Pankaj Joshi | Reconstructive Urologist | Expert in Penile Prosthesis and Artificial Sphincters

Case Studies

56 years old male, smoker, hypertensive and diabetic. Unable to get erections. Had been through medical mangement. The couple were keen on sexual health. Did a 2 piece prosthesis. Penile length 16 cm. Happy couple.

23 years old male, met with a road traffic accident. There was pelvic fracture urethra injury . He underwent urethral surgery. Post-accident, due to damage to nerve and blood supply to penis, the erections were affected. We inserted 3 Piece penile prosthesis. Patient is married and has children.

19 years young male, working in courier company. He met with a  road accident. There was injury to penis and urethra. He lost the control mechanism of the urine. He would leak urine all the time. He had no erections. Did simultaneous implantation of AMS 800 artificial urinary sphincter and 2 Piece penile prosthesis. It has been 9 years follow up. He is happily married and has 1 child.

71 years old male. Had carcinoma of prostate. Underwent radical prostate surgery. Post-surgery there was loss of urine control. I evaluated him. Inserted AMS 800 artificial urinary sphincter. Patient is completely dry and nappy free.

68 years male. Carcinoma of prostate. Post-surgery he had good urine control. Developed erectile dysfunction. He had no benefit from medical line of therapy. We performed 2 piece Tactra Penile implant. The couple is sexually happy.